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For many years Marengo Real Estate has been dealing with intermediation in the residential and commercial field. We work in Venice historical centre, Lido and the islands. Our clients appreciate our young and dynamic environment, characterized by seriousness, professionalism and kindness, and by a range of services that include:
  • draft of sale preliminaries and cadastral practices
  • advice for renting
  • drawing up and recording of residential or commercial contracts.
Here some information to those who have not dealt with us and for those who have appreciated our work:
  • Our Venice Chamber of Commerce licence n. 1270.
  • Working zone: Venice, Lido and Venice mainland.
  • Type of deal: residential, industrial and commercial real estate; land acquisition.
  • Commission: in accordance with the List of Professional Rates, issued by the College of Real Estate Agents of Venice.
  • We are a member of FIAP ( Italian Federation of Real Estate Professional Agents)